Lachlan McLean

“a young events professional”

Big Results are built learning and perfecting all the little blocks.

I am a highly-motivated, reliable, results-driven individual with extensive experience in the Sports and Events industry. Skilled in Event Planning, Workforce Recruitment, Volunteer Management, Sports Management and Operational Delivery. 

Sports and Event Management: I have a bachelor of Business (Sports Management) and have recently relocated to Melbourne, Australia. 

Passion for new technologies: Growing up, living and learning in the twenty-first century, change has become normal. The constant adaptation and advancement of new technologies have provided an ideal platform to learn, innovate and create. I am particularly interested in the events environment and how we can use technologies to create the ultimate consumer experience. 

Entrepreneurship: Constantly chasing that new idea.
Areas of current interest: Sport Augmented reality, Event Consumer Connectivity, VR, E-Commerce, Passenger transport (Carpooling & Driverless Technologies) and Blockchain.

Inspire for life: I am always looking to develop my skills, constantly listening and learning from mentors and work colleges with an ambition to help create positive change in the environments I work within. 

myeventprofile: Has developed from an idea to a concept that I wish to launch in 2019. I am currently on the lookout for technical support to come join this journey to create an online events workspace. Please contact me at