myeventprofile - an online workspace for event managers

Every events manager needs to have a great portfolio! Working within the events industry I have either volunteered or been employed to work at various locations in numerous capacities. Tracking all of these roles and skills has become very difficult presenting all my event roles via a list on my resume.

Currently in 2018, there is no service that allows you to easily build an events portfolio displaying your work. When working in events for a living, your portfolio should do more than simply catalogue your projects on a piece of paper;
it should itself provide an insight into your events life.

The aim is for MEP to help anyone working in the events industry:

  • track all the events that you have worked

  • upload pictures and videos of the event

  • provide your job/contract status

  • search and apply for jobs

  • Connect with other MEP profile users

MEP will help the process of applying for jobs and attending a job interview much more efficient and successful. Rather than explaining where you worked and in what capacity you can bring up your profile and explain the events or activations you have worked, managed or created.